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Net Notes – p.6
Center for Family History and Genealogy at
Brigham Young University
British Passenger Records 1890-1960 Coming Online
Old Disease Names and Their Modern Definitions
Researching Civil War Records Online – p.8
The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System (CWSSS)
Civil War on Cyndi's List,
12th New York Cavalry
Pennsylvania in the Civil War
Antietam National Cemetery
The Pennsylvania State Archives' ARIAS system
1883 Pensioners Online 1883.html
1890 Veterans and widows Special Census
1890 Veterans Schedules $
American Civil War Research Database $
Andersonville Prisoner Lookup
Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System
Official Records of the Union and
Confederate Navies in the War of Rebellion
Alabama Civil War Service Cards File
Delaware Public Archives
Georgia Civil War Pension Records
Massachusetts Civil War Research Center
Minnesota in the Civil and Indian Wars 18
Type in: Minnesota in the Civil and Indian Wars
North Carolina Confederate Civil War Soldiers
Index to Oklahoma Confederate Pension Records
Pennsylvania in the Civil War
South Carolina Department of Archives & History: Confederate
Pension Applications 1919-1938
Index to Tennessee Confederate Pension Applications: Soldiers and Widows
Texas State Library and Archives Commission: Confederate Pensions Search
Texas Adjutant General Service Records
Library of Virginia Confederate Records
Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers, War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865
Confederate Cemetery List /7235
History of the Antietam National Cemetery
Nationwide Gravesite Locator
American Memory, Library of Congress,
Selected Civil War Photographs, 1861-65
MHI Photograph Database mhi /PhotoDB.html
National Archives Archival Research Catalog
Photos of Confederate Soldiers and Sailors
Access Genealogy Military Resource Center
American Civil War Homepage
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
FamilySearch Research Helps
National Archives: Research in Military Records: Civil War
The United States Civil War Center
Getting Copies of Civil War Service and Pension Records
Author Rick Crume's Website
Godfrey Memorial Library – p.16
Author Janice Nickerson's Website
Case Study: Robert Cronin – p.18
Vital records in England and Wales Index
General Record Office (GRO)
1881 British Census
1901 Census
British Censuses Online
Cyndi's List
WWI Campaign Medals
Select: WWI Campaign Medals
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
British Regimental Websites
British Records
British Census Indexes and Records
More Places to Start Your Research
Cyndi's List
The World GenWeb Project
International Genealogical Index (IGI)
New England Historic Genealogical Society
Heritage Quest
Research Program in Historical Demography
1837 Online
Family Tree Legends
United States Vital Records Information
Canadian Genealogy Centre — Civil Registration Information
Godfrey Memorial Library
Paper of Record
GenForum Free Message Boards's Message Boards
Genealogy Mailing Lists on the Internet
Are you a Genealogist?
Author Janice Nickerson's Website
MyTrees Website – p.28
Author Diane L. Richard's Website
Branch Out: Putting Your Family History on the ‘Net – p.31
Sally Moore Koestler site
John Blair's site
Peter Ward's site
Harlan Family site
Cyndi's List
USGenWeb site
Listed on the right hand side under “Cindy Thomson”
Family Portraits
RootsWeb mailing lists for surnames
Cyndi's List of US Census sites
Census related sites worldwide
National Archives
Canadian military records sites
Ship and passenger lists from Cyndi's List
Sally Koestler's family ghost stories
Cleta Terrell site appears inactive
( )
A few sites to get you started:
Options for sites to share online photos only:
Guidelines for publishing family history on the Internet:
Author Cindy Thomson's
English and Welsh Vital Record – p.34
General Register Office (GRO)
Office of National Statistics
The GRO Certificate Ordering Service
UKBMD portal site
Alan Stewart's Book
Gathering the Clans: Tracing Scottish Ancestry on the Internet
The Palmer List of Merchant Vessels – p.38
Genline's Swedish Church Records – 39
Products available at
SweGGate ( Sweden Genealogical Gate)
SVAR-Information Department of the National Archives of Sweden
DIS-The Computer Genealogy Society of Sweden
The Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies (Sveriges Släktforskarförbund)
Digging Deeper With Google – p.44
Dan Lynch's website
Free Online Newsletters – p.49
Ancestry Weekly Journal
Center for Family History and Genealogy Monthly Newsletter
Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter (Standard Edition)
My Ancestors Found: “News You Can Use”
New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) eNews

RootsWeb Review
UpFront with NGS (National Genealogical Society)
Author Erika Dreifus' website
Cornwall Online Parish Clerks – p.53
Cornwall OPCs
Cumberland/Westmorland Site appears inactive
( )
West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser Newspapers
Cornwall Online Census
Cornish Lists at Rootsweb
ArchiveGrid Online – p.55
Product Information
Chadwyck Healey/ProQuest
Archival Research Catalog, US National Archives
ARCHON: UK National Archives
Archives Hub
A2A (Access to Archives)
National Archive Database in Sweden
Archives Canada
Repositories of Primary Sources
UNESCO's Archives Portal
Genealogy Podcasting – p.59
Podcasting News
DearMYRTLE's Family History Hour
The Genealogy Guys
GG Frappr site
The Genealogy Guys RSS
Author Lisa A. Alzo's website
Just the Facts: Check Those Sources! – p.62
History Section in the American Library Association
The Library of Congress
Author Maureen Taylor's website