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Net Notes - p.6
The Iron Range Research Center (IRRC)
The British National Digital Library
Case Study: Searching for Sam - p.9
Family History Library
Cleveland Necrology File Obituary for Jacob Figlar,
Ohio Newspaper Obituaries Additional Obit Resources
Stark County Obituaries Index
Ohio Historical Society's Ohio Death Certificate Index
Grave Addiction
Google Earth
Freedom of Information Act/ Privacy Act Request Form
Author Lisa A. Alzo's Site
Social Security Death Index - p.16
RootsWeb SSDI
Family Tree Legends SSDI
LDS site
Social Security Administration
Freedom of Information Act Request
Family Tree Legends
Family Tree Maker
Finding Ancestral Artifacts on the 'Net p.17
Heirlooms Lost
Your Past Connections
Ford and Nagle
Ancestors Lost and Found
Your Family Finds
Old Family Bibles for Sale
I Dream of Genealogy - Lost and Found Family Treasures
Family History Collections
Family Heirlooms & Home Sources
Old Newspapers Online p.21
The Godfrey Library
Brooklyn Public Library
Colorado's Historic Newspaper Collection
Missouri Historical Newspaper Project
Utah Digital Newspapers
Thomas Tryniski's website
Stars and Stripes
Virginia Gazette
National Library of New Zealand
Photo Quiz - p.26
Forensic Genealogy's website
US GenWeb Project p.27
Our Ancestor's Daily Lives p.30
Marj's Genealogy Pages - Immigrants to Canada
Encyclopaedia of Immigration to the United States
The Ships List
Explore Pennsylvania History - The Railroad in Pennsylvania
Hudson's Bay Company
When Horse was King: 19th Century Horse-Drawn Vehicles in Canada
The 19th Century in Print - Travel and Westward Expansion
The Food Timeline
History Magazine - What Time is Dinner?
Historic American Recipes
Homestead National Monument of America
Bureau of Land Management - General Land Office Records
Memorial Hall Museum - Exploring New England Architecture
The Hermitage - A History of the House
Old House Web
Memorial Hall Museum - Dress Up
Living History Farms
Growing a Nation: The Story of American Agriculture
History of American Religion: 1600-2004
What Church Did Grandpa Attend?
MedHist: The Guide to History of Medicine Resources on the Internet
Popular Medicine in Early America
Paper of Record
Godfrey Memorial Library
How Much is That?
Victorian Economics
The Comparative Value of Money Between Britain and the Colonies
Library of Western Fur Trade Historical Source Documents
Library of Congress American Memory Project
Documenting the South
Author Janice Nickerson's Website
Genealogical Research Library Online - p.35
Genealogists and the Digitization Revolution - p.37
Google Books
Open Content Alliance
Internet Archive
Family History Archive
Canadian Projects Our Roots/Nos Raciness
Early Canadiana Online (ECO)
Making of America (MoA)
American Memory
Historical Directories
British History Online
Scottish History in Print .html
Historic Pittsburgh
Local and Alberta Histories
Academic Info's digital libraries listing - p.41
Ancient Faces
Family Old Photos
DeadFred Frequently Asked Questions
British Electoral Rolls - p.44
Virtual Cemeteries - p.45 rss Newsfeed
Cemeteries, Obituaries, Funeral Homes
Cyndi's List
American Cultural History - p.48
Genealogy on eBay - p.51
Babel Fish
EBay University

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