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List of web links in the March 2008 Issue

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Net Notes p.6


RadixIndex: Hungary Genealogy and Local History Databases

The Workhouse: England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Elsewhere

Jumping Over Hurdles in Western European Research- Pg. 8

Free Genealogy Software - pg. 13

The Case of John Barron, Early Illinois Settler - pg. 17

That's My Family - pg. 22

Creating the Context - pg. 24

Researching Your French Ancestry Online - pg. 29

Extend Your Research Reach With Mailing Lists - pg. 33

Checking the (Cyndi's) List - pg. 36

Finding Huguenot Ancestors - pg. 38

The Hidden Treasures of Gazetteers - pg. 42

Passenger Records and Naturalization Records - pg. 45

Libraries in Genealogy - pg. 51

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