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Fashionable Folks
Hairstyles 1840 - 1900

by Maureen Taylor

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Using the clues in this new book from Maureen Taylor, you can learn a surprising amount about your ancestors by studying their portraits. How they wore their locks for the photographer — whether straight or curled, clean shaven or fringed, oiled or bewigged — will tell you a lot about them. Maureen Taylor’s tips for “reading” the clues of clothing and hairstyles will help you discover when those pictures were taken, how old the subjects were at the time, and how wealthy they were. Hairstyles can even tell us a great deal about their personalities: Were they conservative or up on the latest trends? Who were their heroes and role models? What was their relationship to each other.

Maureen Taylor is the author of numerous books including Preserving Your Family Photographs, and the upcoming The Last Muster: Images of the Revolutionary War Generation. Maureen also penned the introduction to Family Chronicle's successful More Dating Old Photographs publication which debuted in 2004.

6" x 9". 126 Pages. Soft cover. B&W pictures.

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