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Download a FREE Issue of Internet Genealogy

Note: You must have Adobe Reader version 4 or later to be able to open the file. To download a free issue of Internet Genealogy in PDF format, simply click on the link below to begin downoading. Once downloaded, your web browser should launch the Internet Genealogy PDF edition file. Alternatively, by placing your mouse pointer over the link and "right-clicking" (using the right-hand mouse button) you can select SAVE FILE AS, or SAVE TARGET AS to save the PDF file to a preferred location on your computer's local drive. The files is about 2 megabytes in size (2 Mb). Always make a note of where you save your file to on your local drive.

Download Internet Genealogy in PDF format now

Please note: The time required to download the file will depend on your connection to the Internet. Some web browsers will open the file in Acrobat Reader before downloading is complete, but you may have to wait anywhere from several seconds to several minutes for the file to complete downloading. Most web browsers show a status update of downloads in progress along the bottom edge of the browser windows.