Upcoming: April/May 2017

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Harness the Power of RootsMagic and WebHints
George G. Morgan shares how he uses the popular genealogy software in tandem with genealogy database sites and more

Old Letters Can Unveil the Past!

Gabrielle Morgan tries to pin down the origin of a gift given to her by her father, but his letters revealed much more

US Passport Applications: Reverse Your Sense of Direction
Joe Grandinetti examines a collection that often reveals unexpected results

Review: First Look at the Doxie Q
Tony Bandy reviews the newest scanner in the Doxie family

Diane L. Richard looks at websites and related news that are sure to be of interest

Stock Marks Arenít Just Brands!
Diane L. Richard explains how to glean genealogical information from stock mark records

Review: Tackling Those To-Do Lists with Things!
Lisa A. Alzo reviews an easy-to-use task management app for Mac and iOS

Forbidden Fruit
Sue Lisk offers six tips to consider before picking the fruit from the trees of other researchers

Yad VaShem: The World Holocaust Remembrance Center
Melody Amsel-Arieli looks at some of the important searchable collections

Lineal Links
Joe Grandinetti looks at a cooperative digitization project of the Archdiocese of Boston Catholic Sacramental Records, 1789-1900

The Back Page
Dave Obee says: Embrace technology and open doors in those brick walls



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