Upcoming: June/July 2016

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Victorian “Cool”: What Was “In” and How to Find Out
Sue Lisk looks at seven useful sites for understanding the Victorian era

Free UK Genealogy

Cindy Thomson looks at three valuable sites and illuminates the efforts of a dedicated team of genealogy volunteers

Tell Their Stories!
Leslie Albrecht Huber looks at how FamilySearch is helping researchers to preserve and share the stories of their ancestors’ lives

Researching the Great Depression
David A. Norris reveals many easily accessible records to help you discover the lives of your depression-era ancestors

Diane L. Richard looks at websites and related news that are sure to be of interest

REVIEW: Photogrammar
Tony Bandy examines Yale’s unique and innovative Photogrammar Project

Stellar Storytelling Apps
Lisa A. Alzo looks at three apps designed for storytelling and interviewing relatives

Recording Family Interviews with Audacity®
L.A. (Butch) Hibben shows how to get professional quality results with a free audio control software program

Supreme Court Cases and Your Family History
David A. Norris looks at legal reference collections that may bring surprising research results

REVIEW: Turning the Page
Tony Bandy looks at Colorado Historic Newspapers and your ancestors

The Back Page
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