Special Announcement for Readers of
Internet Genealogy

We have been confronted with a huge increase in our printing bill which has made it impossible for us to continue printing the magazine in the traditional way. We would have to increase our subscription price for the print version up over 40% which we know is not something our readers are prepared to pay. We have very little outside advertising, so we do not have a way to help offset the additional cost for this increase.

Going forward, we are going to focus on producing the magazine in an electronic PDF format and will be using a new platform that allows you to view the magazine through your computer, iPad or e-reader just like a regular magazine. You will also have the option to download the PDF version of the magazine to your computer for safe keeping (you select “Download Complete Flipbook” to download the complete issue in PDF Format). We plan to reduce our in-house ad’s and increase the editorial to provide more information for our readers starting with the June/July 2023 issue.

Please copy and paste the following link into a new browser window for a preview of the online edition of Internet Genealogy:


IMPORTANT: If you are a current subscriber and have not received the link for the April/May 2023 edition by email, please email Jeannette Cox at jeannette@moorshead.com and indicate in the subject line “Original Link Not Received” and provide your full name and address and we will work on getting this resolved before the next issue.