Upcoming: August/September 2020

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COVER: Finding Everyone and Their Mother
Joe Grandinetti embarks on a maiden (name) voyage to research female ancestors

Speakeasies & Our Ancestors’ Entertainment

Sue Lisk looks at online sources help you to understand your ancestors’ lives during Prohibition

Genealogy Podcasts
Julie Cahill Tarr shows us how to keep up with the latest news and learn from experts through podcasts

Genealogy Software Round-Up
Tony Bandy looks at an overview of the available genealogy software programs on the market

Dealing with Family Stories and Legends
George G. Morgan looks at ways to gather new clues to jumpstart your research

Genealogical Resources for the War with Mexico
David A. Norris goes on a hunt for records that are often overshadowed by other conflicts

Filae – French Genealogy Records
Diane L. Richard looks at a source for French genealogical records with an English language interface

Wanted: Black Sheep or Jailbirds
Sue Lisk highlights online resources for locating ancestors who may have spent time behind bars

From Stranger to Familiar Face
Carol L. MacKay explores identifying family photographs using online resources

Internet Genealogy looks at websites and related news that are sure to be of interest

Back Page: No-Travel Genealogy
Dave Obee looks at how some things we take for granted may no longer be possible



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