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Available February 8

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What Did the Doctor Say?
Robbie Gorr endeavors to help us understand medical terminology encountered in our family history research

Paging Through the Past: Mail-Order Catalogues
Sue Lisk says you might be surprised at what your ancestors could shop for back in the day

Did Your Ancestors Enjoy Attending the State Fair?
Diane L. Richard looks at records of State Fairs and where you might expect to find your ancestors

Researching Ancestors in Railroad Records
George G. Morgan suggests how you can make tracks for successful research

Clocks, Watches, and Their Tax Records in Genealogy
David A. Norris looks at our ancestors’ time-keeping and the taxes they paid on clocks and watches

MacFamilyTree 9
Tony Bandy looks at the latest update of the popular genealogy software for the Mac

Looking Back at the WPA
Sue Lisk reviews some websites and collections related to the massive New Deal agency that aimed to provide useful work to Americans during the Great Depression

BOOK REVIEW: Tracing Your Scottish Family History on the Internet
Christine Woodcock reviews genealogist Chris Paton’s latest book on researching Scottish ancestry

History Hub: Sharing Knowledge
Diane L. Richard looks at a crowdsourced Q&A platform that brings agencies, researchers and citizen archivists together to aid the public in research

Organizing Computer Files
Ed Storey offers advice in naming files and directories used in genealogy housekeeping

Internet Genealogy looks at websites and related news that are sure to be of interest

Back Page: When the Pandemic is Over…
Dave Obee says he’s going to do things differently



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