Upcoming: October/November 2020

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COVER: Virtual Travel Back to Your Ancestral Homeland
Diane L. Richard looks at innovative applications to help you retrace your ancestors’ footsteps

Spanish-Language Historical Newspapers

David A. Norris looks at some online sources for offering a glimpse into the news of the past

Library and Archives Canada
Joe Grandinetti looks at the valuable resources available to genealogists

The Bees That Wouldn’t Sting
Sue Lisk looks at websites for project-centered social events your ancestors took part in

City Directories: A Wealth of Information
Ed Storey looks at how city directories can fill in the gap when other sources are lacking

The Star Trek Approach to Genealogy
Robbie Gorr says it’s logical to apply some standard principles while doing genealogy research

Extra Family Information: “Non-Population” U.S. Census Schedules
David A. Norris looks at how you can enrich your family history research

Hats Off to Hats!
Sue Lisk suggests websites to help you identify the hats your ancestors wore

EverPresent and the Art of Digital Preservation
Tony Bandy looks at a digital media service with a focus on family history

Reach Out and Touch Someone
Ed Storey looks at ways you can enlist the help of living relatives when solving research problems

Internet Genealogy looks at websites and related news that are sure to be of interest

Back Page: Don’t Discard Those Documents… Just Yet!
Dave Obee says keep every scrap until you are sure you have it right



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