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Available December 10, 2021

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COVER: Who's Your Daddy: A Durham DNA Puzzle!
Michelle Dennis offers advice as well as rich resources on searching for ancestors in Durham, England

Freedman's Savings Bank
Diane L. Richard examines these short-lived, but invaluable records for family historians

The Winter of Their Discomfort: Coping With the Cold
Sue Lisk looks at how our ancestors coped with the cold before the dawn of the thermostat

A Yuletide Genealogical Resource: “Dear Santa” Letters
David A. Norris looks at online newspapers and how ancestors’ letters to Santa may shine some light on their holiday wishes

The Historical Marker Database
Jean King looks at a database project that currently holds over a half-million photos of historical markers in the US, Canada and several other countries

Death by Waterpik, Or In Search of the Cause of Your Ancestor’s Passing
Sue Lisk looks at sources that may help in revealing the cause of death of an ancestor

Principles of Relativity
Robbie Gorr looks at correctly identifying family relationships and connections

Online Repository Assistant (ORA)
Diane L. Richard looks at software designed to help genealogists be more efficient, effective, and diligent with their research

Jewish Genealogy In New York City: Discovering The Early 1900s TB Epidemic
Michael Chaplan shares his journey to learn about his grandfather’s life and death in the early 1900s

Finding Heirs for Your Family History
Marian B. Wood looks at how to prepare a succession plan for your valuable genealogical items

Internet Genealogy looks at websites and related news that are sure to be of interest

Advice From the Pros:Truth or Troll? Surviving Speaker Evaluations
Lisa A. Alzo discusses how to survive feedback on conference evaluations

Back Page: Check and Re-Check Your Matches!
Dave Obee says be vigilant about checking your own work, and the work of other genealogists



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